Preserving legacy crafts and empowering a new generation of craftsmen and tradesmen

The General Company is Singapore's premier community driven craft agency, connecting leading brands with skilled local craftsmen. We believe in preserving the heritage of traditional crafts in our contemporary society and building a building a better collaborative ecosystem to support young aspiring craftsmen and makers to help them grow and build sustainable models for themselves.

Working closely with private clients that value craftsmanship, we conceptualise and execute bespoke hands-on experiences, allowing them to tell their brand stories better. Through education and interaction with craft, we can then better understand the value of hand crafted goods, the laborious and intricate processes behind them and the amazing stories of the craftsmen who create them.

It's about the celebration of craftsmanship, the dedication needed to master a particular craft and the love of the unique and beautiful products that skilled craftspeople produce.

Our Craft Services for Private Events

From on site leather debossing, writing private invitation cards by hand, to live craft demonstrations and conducting of craft workshops, The General Co has a community of artisans capable of supporting any of your events.

Bespoke Goods

Looking to create one of a kind, bespoke pieces for your VIPS and special guests? Our craftsmen are well versed in the fields of leathercraft, woodworking, printmaking, metalworks, product design and more.

A Community for Craftsmen

A workspace and gathering place for artisans, craftsmen and designers to converge and connect. Meet other passionate individuals in the pursuit of craft.

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